CFI has over a century of combined component engineering experience within its staff. Our component engineers have the qualifications including metallurgy, plastics, part modelling, cost expertise, and more. If you need a component built to spec, CFI's team of engineers can do it right the first time. Our engineers can design parts for aerospace, automotive, appliance or any other industry.

No matter the part, no matter the material, no matter the industry, no matter the price constraint, CFI can create the perfect component for you and your company's needs.

Reengineering Services

We also offer reengineering services for existing components in order to optimize them for cost, material strength, corrosion standards and more. If you need your part to be stronger, larger, smaller, or more cost effective, we will set our team of engineers on it to meet your specific needs.

CFI's team can also engineer or reengineer any part for nearly any time constraint. We work on your schedule – that's the Components for Industry difference. Call us at (847) 918-0333 for more information about our Engineering services.