Quality Assurance means just as much to CFI as it does to our customers. Therefore we provide world class QC service on all products. Components For Industry prides itself on its adherence to strict, established in-house quality guidelines and ISO procedures. Unlike our competitors, CFI's Quality Assurance process does not end after the inspection process. We offer continued maintenance of part history profiles, related correspondence, and quality inspection levels guarantees that proper products reach your production line on-time, every time.

In addition to our utilization of outside inspection services and vendor audits, CFI cross checks information with its own in-house quality control lab. Reports available include: ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Reports), PPAP, Chemical Composition, Metallurgical Analysis, and specialized test reports as requested. We feel that the CFI quality check and balance system keeps material flowing to the highest quality standards.

CFI has spared no expense, employing state-of-the art QC equipment and an experienced staff tasked only with the quality of your products and materials. Contact us at (847) 918-0333 for more information about our Quality Assurance services.

ISO 9001:2015
CFI ISO Certification